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So what are the health ingredients to expect for 2022 ?

The future of nutraceuticals

The current pandemic has modified the relationship of individuals to their health. In fact, they have become proactive actors ready to invest in health solutions. The objective is to maintain their health potential or to reinforce it preventively. Therefore the race in the development of new health ingredients makes perfect sense. So what are the health ingredients to expect for 2022?

The market of nutraceuticals, and particularly the food supplement form, remains strong. However, the challenge for professionals will focus on a key-word: naturalness. This is in fact a major priority for consumers looking for health products. Moreover, their infatuation is lending itself increasingly to phytotherapy as it perfectly meets their needs. Thus, this represents an opportunity and a prosperous future for medicinal plants.

The active ingredients of plants should demonstrate genuine efficacy through scientific studies. All the more since consumers are becoming increasingly self-taught. They do not hesitate to look for opinions about a product, and for information on the properties of the ingredients which comprise them. They are also looking increasingly for support from scientific literature. With an initial purchase, consumer multiply their sources of information: on-line media, family circle, professionals, etc. They also need to know the origin of the ingredients. Lastly, the efficacy and quality of products are fundamental to reassure them.

Consequently, an ingredient will gain in value only if promoted through an instructive and transparent message. The aim is to arouse the consumer’s curiosity and interest in ingredients which will meet their needs.


According to the health approach, which health ingredients should we choose ?

Eye segment

Eye health should come to the fore in the coming years. While previously this health approach was devoted to AMD*, the objective has now changed.

As a matter of fact, blue light has invaded all our screens. We are faced with it every day, continuously. Thus, ingredients devoted to the preservation of the eyes target people who work constantly on the computer, but also children. In fact, the latter spend a significant amount of time on screens and this is the case from the youngest age.

*Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

The blueberry extract provides anthocyanidins. These antioxidant molecules help maintain the proper functioning of the retina. They could also help stabilise the healthy level of collagen in the eye. Furthermore, blueberry extract enables our eyes to adapt more rapidly to the dark, and is recommended for tired and strained eyes [Source: European Commission].


Psychological well-being segment

Products aiming to reduce stress and help falling asleep present a huge growth potential. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a spate of anxious and depressive disorders worldwide. In 2020, these disorders increased by more than one quarter (according to a study published in The Lancet). Consumers often hasten towards natural, non-drug solutions. In fact, they are increasingly rejecting all products likely to lead to an addiction phenomenon.

The increasingly coveted ingredients support concentration, relaxation and psychological
well-being in general. For this, L-theanine can suit everyone. In its natural form, the only authorised one, this amino acid is extracted from Camellia sinensis O. Ktze green tea leaves.

Whereas few substances have this ability, L-theanine may cross the blood-brain barrier. Lots of studies have examined its properties and have thus credited it with a “neuroprotective” effect. It influences notably the production of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which is a neurotransmitter. In combination with serotonin and dopamine, these three neurotransmitters act on the brain and on your mood. By reducing the firing of neurones, they therefore produce a calming and relaxing effect.

Rhodiozen© contains a unique source of Rhodiola rosea L. Rhodiola is a plant with exceptional powers. It is found in the mountainous regions of Asia. Traditional Chinese medicine widely uses its health properties. It is one of the plants called “adaptogens”, as it adapts to the needs of the body. Thus, it contributes to optimum mental and cognitive activity.


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In general, adaptogen plants are rather evocative in the mind of consumers. Consumers easily associate them with a beneficial and natural action on stress. Also, health products associated with magnesium may benefit from validated claims, notably regarding cognitive function.


Joint segment

Lastly, joint pains rank #6 among the most popular health promises in supplements (source GERS 2021/Données Sell Out). To address these issues, marine ingredients support the most part of the joint axis.

Marine ingredients are increasingly gaining the interest of consumers. In fact, consumers know them well and they trust the efficacy of the active ingredients. Moreover, on-trend criteria like sustainability and the circular economy are fulfilled by marine co-products.

Chondro’Sea© contains more than 90% of chondroitin sulphate derived from the cartilage of carefully selected fish. Chondroitin sulphate is a molecule naturally present in the joint cartilage. It plays a key role in the maintenance of cartilaginous tissue. It ensures its elasticity and its hydration to absorb articular shocks.

The fish are not only fished for the production of Chondro’Sea©. The flesh is intended for human food. Chondro’Sea© only comes from fishing by-products (heads, guts, trimmings, bones or cartilage, skin and tails). As they are unfortunately often wrongly discarded, Pharmanager wanted to use them as part of a sustainability approach.

Chondro’Sea© comes from a unique and deliberately longer process to obtain a smaller size of molecules, and thereby, improved bioavailability.

Recently, Chondro’Sea© has been the subject of two scientific studies.

The bioavailability study showed that the oral absorption of Chondro’Sea© was completed in just 30 minutes! Compared to marine chondroitin from the market (2.5 – 3h) and bovine chondroitin (5h), absorption was rapid.

The efficacy study showed, through histological cuts, better preservation of the cartilage with Chondro’Sea©.

Thus, Chondro’Sea© is a natural alternative acting preventively on the cartilage thanks to the chondroitin that it contains.


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On-trend and customised health ingredients

Consumers also expect customised products corresponding to their needs and to their values. Each ingredient must therefore meet a clearly-specified target (athlete, pregnant woman, e-gamer, vegan, etc.). Also, the search for new combinations of ingredients is a definite challenge in proposing original and unique formulations.

In addition to the notion of naturalness, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the stamp “Made in France”, but also to respect for the environment. These statements must be clearly visible and highlighted on the products to attract consumers.

Luzixine™ is a unique plant health ingredient created and manufactured in France. It fully targets vegan athletes and active women. It comes from Medicago sativa L., a plant better known as lucerne or alfalfa. The nutritional benefits of the plant are concentrated in the juice of fresh leaves. In fact, Luzixine™ contains iron naturally, but also a high protein (> 50%), mineral, and vitamin content. Moreover, it contains all the essential amino acids!

Both innovative and on-trend, Luzixine™ is fully within the scope of the anticipated ingredients of tomorrow. It meets consumer demand for naturalness (no nanomaterials, no GMOs, no carriers, no allergens), a more plant-based (vegan) diet that is respectful of the planet (short supply chains, full traceability).


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In short :

  • Educate consumers thanks to scientific information and by conveying clear and simple messages
  • Respond to the growing interest in plant-based health products
  • A major opportunity for eye health, psychological well-being and the joint axis
  • Provide consumers with on-trend ingredients in line with their values

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