Annurtrofil®: an apple extract from Annurca

Annurtrofil®: an apple extract from Annurca


An extract made in harmony with the natural environment

The Annurca apple (Malus pumila Miller of the Annurca variety), or melannurca, is an apple originally from the Campania region in southern Italy.

Our partner EVRA operates in the south of Italy (in the Pollino Park) with an extraction facility, with the goal to bring a strong value to endemic botanicals species from this region. This area is under the influence of Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic seas, allowing a unique micro-climate for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Annurtrofil®‘s aim is to promote an extract of this variety of apple, whose properties for maintaining healthy hair have been the subject of extensive research.

  • B2 procyanidins have been found to increase the keratin content in hair.1
  • An in vitro study demonstrated the role of Annurca extract in regulating the formation of hair keratin.2

These combinations of scientific findings are all highly relevant, and yet it is essential for this development to be carried out in a sustainable and coherent manner between the production environment, the producers, and a traditional industrial extraction process.

With Annurca, we are working on a local and available resource. Within the framework of a dedicated supply chain with producers, collection commitment agreements have been drawn up. The collection supply channel itself is simple and straightforward.

Also, extraction methods have been designed using traditional methods, i.e. without the use of organic solvents.

All these parameters of the Annurtrofil® production environment ensure an operation in harmony with its territory and its producers, through EVRA and its involvement in the botanical sector, for the last 15 years .

A unique ripening process


Once they have been harvested unripe, the apples are arranged on frames to complete their ripening process. The entire surface of the apples is exposed to the sun. They are then continuously turned by hand until their skin has taken on a uniform intense red colour.

Annurtrofil®: an apple extract from Annurca

This process enhances the formation and concentration of B2 proacyanidins and gallic acid found in the annurca apples.


Annurtrofil® clinical study

The study protocol

The aim of this trial was to explore the clinical efficacy and tolerability of oral Annurtrofil® supplementation on the health of the hair.

The study enrolled 80 subjects aged between 18 and 60, evenly represented by 50% men and 50% women.

It was carried out in a double-blind, randomised fashion. This involves randomly assigning participants to two separate groups.

  • The control group (placebo) made up of 40 subjects taking two capsules per day, corresponding to a daily dose of 800 mg of maltodextrin.
  • The experimental group consisted of 40 subjects taking two capsules per day, i.e. 800 mg of Annurtrofil®.

The assessment was carried out over several time periods: from inclusion at T0, at T60, at T120, and through to the end of supplementation at T180, then after 30 days of follow-up.

Optical profilometry methods were applied to measure capillary density and thickness.


Results of the efficacy study

Hair density
Annurtrofil®: an apple extract from Annurca - study

We notice a significant increase in hair density of up to 14% at 180 days in the group supplemented with Annurtrofil® (p<0.05). Conversely, the placebo group showed no significant improvement.


Hair weight
Annurtrofil®: an apple extract from Annurca - study

A significant increase in hair weight of up to 34% at 180 days was observed in the group supplemented with Annurtrofil® (p<0.05). By contrast, the placebo group failed to show any significant improvement.




Feedback from the self-evaluation questionnaire on issues of tolerance and efficacy was highly positive.

  • 100% positive comments on product digestibility
  • 83% of respondents had very positive feedback on hair thickening and density, compared with 35% for the placebo group.
  • 80% very positive feedback on the reduction in hair loss, compared with 33% for the placebo group.
  • 85% of responses were very positive regarding the efficacy of supplementation, compared with 28% for the placebo group.

: formulation ideas and galenic forms.

One of the key advantages of this ingredient is its versatility; being water-soluble it can be adapted to various galenic forms such as capsules, packets, or even liquid versions.


Hair health

This is where a capsule formula combined with Zinc and Selenium would be beneficial. For an effective daily supplement, it is preferable to combine two or three capsules containing 800mg/d of Annurtrofil®, 10mg/d of Zinc, and 55 µg/d of Selenium, thus covering the total daily requirement for these two elements.


Indeed, Zinc helps to maintain healthy hair. It plays a part in the physiological functioning of more than 200 enzymes, mainly those involved in combating oxidative stress (i.e. free radicals), as well as those involved in protein biosynthesis and cell renewal processes.8


Selenium also plays a vital role in maintaining normal hair. As with zinc, selenium is an indispensable ingredient in the proper functioning of certain antioxidant enzymes8 and is involved in the synthesis of 35 proteins9.


Skin health

As regards healthy skin, a sachet formula is recommended. Based on existing clinical data, an effective daily intake from a sachet would require: 800mg/d of Annurtrofil®, type I marine collagen 4&5 (5000mg/d), ceramide 6&7 (30mg/d), vitamin C (80mg/d), zinc (10mg/d), selenium (55 µg/d), and biotin (50 µg/d).

Type I fish collagen

Type I marine collagen boosts the skin’s elasticity and encourages good hydration. Indeed, the hydrolysis of collagen consists mainly of peptides known as Proline-Hydroxyproline (PRO-HYP). These peptides impart rigidity to the collagen molecule. Once ingested, these peptides cross the intestinal mucosa and play a part in the formation of the epidermis, enabling the skin to retain its elasticity and suppleness.10

Our collagen is extracted from fish scales. It dissolves instantly in water, without cloudiness, odour, or taste.


Ceramides are natural lipids present in the skin. They play a specific structural and signalling role within the epidermis. They contribute to maintaining the skin’s protective function by forming and reinforcing the skin barrier against a number of environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, oxidative stress, and the natural ageing process.10

Vitamin C​​

It helps to enhance the health and appearance of the skin by improving collagen synthesis. Vitamin C enables the skin’s natural defences against UV radiation (sun) and skin damage to be reinforced. It provides an essential coenzyme for endogenous collagen synthesis. For this reason, it is naturally beneficial to include it in this type of formula. This vitamin can be obtained by extracting it from plants such as acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) and rosehip (Rosa canina L.)11.


Biotin, known as vitamin B8, helps maintain healthy skin by promoting the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands. It also helps build strong hair by promoting the production of keratin, an essential structural protein.12


In conclusion, Annurtrofil®:

  • An extract of Annurca apples from the Campania region of Italy
  • Non-intensive production process
  • Guaranteed levels of Proacyanidin B2 (60-90μg/g) and gallic acid (4,000-6,000μg/g).
  • Compelling clinical results
  • Versatile formulations



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