Luzixine™, a unique plant-based health ingredient


Suitable for human consumption, Luzixine™ is a unique plant-based health ingredient that is 100% made in France. It comes from Medicago sativa L., a plant better known as lucerne or alfalfa.

Instead of simply crushing dried leaves, Luzixine™ is extracted from the juice of fresh leaves to preserve a high concentration of the plant’s nutritional benefits. In addition to its remarkable nutritional properties, Luzixine™ plant extract naturally contains iron.

Historically, Luzixine™ was developed for malnourished populations in developing countries. Indeed, our sector has provided several tonnes of extracts to humanitarian associations through APEF*.

*French association for the promotion of leaf concentrate for nutritional needs


A French partnership based on common values

Pharmanager Ingredients and L.RD (Luzerne Recherche et Développement) decided to pool their expertise to promote the benefits of Luzixine™.

Pharmanager Ingredients brings its recognized expertise in the food supplement market. It also has substantial experience in quality, technical and regulatory support.

L.RD is a research organization set up by agricultural cooperatives in the French lucerne sector. It specializes in promoting the nutritional benefits of lucerne. LR.D operates in the human nutrition market and in the humanitarian sector. Now, with Luzixine™, it has extended its activities to include food supplements.

L-RD is located at the heart of France’s main alfalfa-producing zone : Châlonsen-Champagne

Being located close to our partner is essential to prioritize short supply chains and ensure full traceability.


Eco-friendly production

Luzixine™ is produced using a specific process giving it Novel Food status. Since 13 October 2009, European Commission decision 2009/826/EC has authorized Luzixine™ in food supplements at a maximum daily dose of 10g/day.

The extraction process is energy efficient. The entire plant is used up. For example, the remaining by-products are used for animal feed. The extraction uses no chemical solvents and is based on gentle dehydration methods. The active ingredients of interest are therefore perfectly preserved. At the end of the process, Luzixine™ takes the form of a green powder. As it is finely grained, Luzixine™ powder is ideal for nutraceutical formulations.Luzixine

Luzixine™ is, of course, produced in compliance with GHPs* and GMPs*.


“Our product quality approach focuses on customer satisfaction and end-consumer safety.”


*Good Hygiene Practices
*Good Manufacturing Practices


A unique plant-based concentrate of nutrients

Luzixine™ is an ingredient that is naturally rich in iron and contains high levels of proteins (> 50%), minerals and vitamins. In addition, it contains all the essential amino acids!



Health claims authorized for Luzixine™ due to its iron content (EU No 432/2012)


840 mg of Luzixine™ is sufficient to provide 2.1mg of iron (i.e. 15% of the RDA*)


This amount thus allows all validated health claims regarding iron intake in food to be used.

* Recommended Daily Allowance


Luzixine™: a unique plant-based health ingredient in line with today’s consumer trends

Today, consumers are looking for products that are good for their health, traceable, locally-produced, and eco-friendly.

Luzixine™ is an innovative, on-trend product in keeping with the current preoccupation with responsible consumption. It is more than just a health ingredient. It meets consumer demand for naturalness (no nanomaterials, GMOs, carriers or allergens) and a more plant-based (vegan) diet that is eco-friendly (short supply chains, full traceability). Luzixine™ is ideal for vegan athletes and women’s health needs.


 « The natural origin of products remains the leading decision-making criterion for 75% of users of food supplements » [2021 survey, Synadiet


Luzixine™ summary:

  • Natural source of iron and plant-based proteins (> 50%)
  • Clean label due to its simple, natural composition, free from additives
  • Eco-friendly with its short supply chain, energy-efficient production process and use of by-products for animal feed
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Uses: capsules, tablets, sticks, etc.