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All our know-how to concentrate the best of the sea (> 90% of chondroitin)

A complete traceability and safety file according to French Decree on substances for food supplements

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Living stress free with an extract of Rhodiola rosea L. contributing to optimal mental & cognitive activity

Contributes to an optimal mental and a cognitive activity

Application: stress, cognition

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A green iron & protein ingredient

Luzixine™, 100% made in France, is a Medicago sativa L. extract naturally rich in iron containing high levels of proteins (> 50%), minerals and vitamins.

Ideal for vegan athletes and women’s health needs!

Uses: food supplements in capsule, tablet, powder or other forms

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Nattokinase : an enzyme from fermented soybeans


Uses: food supplements in capsules, tablets or powder form


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All the lightness of a perfect intimate comfort

Extract of cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton) characterised by a high level of proanthocyanidins (PACs)

20% of PACs according to the improved and specific method : BL-DMAC. 

Appendix II & III of the French “Plants” Decree


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A unique association of 10 vegetables and fruits + >10% of Native Vitamin C

(possible addition of vitamin B12)


Uses: Vegantop® is a granulated powder instantly soluble, thus indicated for example for herbal teas, instant drinks, sachets, etc…

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Ultra-innovative combinaison of active ingredients for urinary comfort 


Cranberry + Cinnamon + Basil

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All the benefits of grapes for cardiovascular health

(titrated at > 5% of resveratrol)

Uses: Health (cardiovascular, glycaemia, weight control)


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Mediterranean aubergine concentrate


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