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Animals, like humans, have dietary requirements for all their physiological functions. The quality of their feed has a direct impact on their health. This is why manufacturers of supplements for animals need to have precise knowledge of how to choose and combine ingredients that contribute to animal welfare.

Pharmanager Ingredients offers a range of around 40 products for animal nutrition. Our range includes plant extracts (additives), plants (raw materials) and premixtures that meet very stringent quality and regulatory requirements. It is ideal for use in supplement formulations for livestock and pets.

Furthermore, the animal nutrition market is quickly evolving with new innovations. The growing interest in animal supplements initially focused on reducing the routine use of antibiotics. Just like with humans, there is a definite trend towards more natural preventive products that aim to maintain the animal’s good health and strengthen its immune system. Plant-based nutrition meets animals’ needs while complying with regulatory requirements.












Animal regulation experts

Our role, as advisors and experts in health ingredients, is to inform you of the technical and regulatory specificities in force concerning the use of plants in animal nutrition. Indeed, there are many complex regulations regarding ingredients for animals and it is necessary to know all the ins and outs before developing an animal feed product.

For this reason, we offer customised support to our customers in their product development projects, highlighting the points that require particular attention. Our seasoned team keeps well up to date on the latest news and developments in applicable regulations.

Last, we meet the criteria required by the FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) quality standard with regard to our raw materials for animal feed. We have been certified since 2009.

⇒ Together we develop reliable and safe nutritional solutions








Ingredient safety and quality guaranteed

Our expertise concerning our raw materials and our additives guarantees the quality and safety of our ingredients.

Safety management comprises risk assessment, in particular risk from contaminants. It is impossible to eliminate fully all undesirable substances from animal feed. However, Directive 2002/32/EC sets the maximum permissible levels of certain undesirable substances and Regulation (EC) no. 396/2005 sets maximum residue levels of pesticides. We ensure that these levels are respected so our products are not dangerous for animals and do not negatively affect their performances or welfare. Moreover, poor risk management in the early stages of the food chain could pose a potential risk to consumers of foodstuffs of animal origin.

Therefore, we have implemented a stringent control plan for our products, via analyses conducted at accredited laboratories. As a supplier, this is an essential requirement for us to ensure the total safety of our products.

Depending on the class of ingredients (raw material, additive or premixture) and our risk analysis, we perform several types of analysis: fluorine, aflatoxin B1, dioxins/PCBs, pesticides, microbiology, heavy metals.

⇒ Full transparency on our analysis reports


Applicable requirements and rules for the sale and use of animal feed are set out in a single framework regulation (no. 767/2009/EC). It has given rise to many implementing regulations, including:

The feed materials are products of plant or animal origin, the main purpose of which is to meet the nutritional needs of animals.

Additives are essential components of compound feed. These are products that meet the nutritional requirements of animals or that have a positive effect on other parameters (the feed itself, livestock production, the final mixture by facilitating its heterogeneity, yield or welfare, digestibility of the feed, the environment, etc.). They must not have any adverse effects on animals, humans or the environment.

Lastly, premixtures are mixtures of one or more additives alone or combined with raw materials.

Ethical values

We promote the values of environmentally-friendly agriculture. Indeed, we prioritise short supply chains via our trusted partners with whom we have set up the Esfri® supply chain. We also encourage our producers to have transparent processing practices (protocol for good hygiene practices) to ensure ingredient safety.

Pharmanager Ingredients is committed to the safety, health and welfare of animals and to the sustainability of the sector.

In our quest for excellence, we are continuously developing new solutions to diversify our IFeedGood® range.


In summary

  • A select, high quality range for livestock and pets
  • Ingredients that comply with current regulations
  • Numerous analyses to ensure the total safety of our ingredients
  • Support for developing your animal products
  • Short supply chains prioritised for sustainable agriculture
  • Ongoing research and development to expand our IFeedGood® range

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