Our premium ingredients


 All our know-how to concentrate the best of the sea

(> 90% of chondroitin)

with a complete traceability and safety file

according to French Decree on substances for food supplements

The visual comfort with an unique extract of Tagetes erecta containing 10% of Zeaxanthin isomers & 2-4% of Lutein.



All the benefits of grapes for cardiovascular health

(titrated at > 5% of resveratrol)

Applications: Health (cardiovascular, glycaemia, weight control)

rhodiozenLiving stress free with an extract of Rhodiola rosea L. contributing to optimal mental & cognitive activity.

Application: stress, cognition




A concentrate of resveratrol without Novel Food risk

Polygonum cuspidatum extract (Japanese knotweed)

(titrated at > 96% of resveratrol)

Ultra-innovative combinaison of active ingredients for urinary comfort 

Cranberry + Cinnamon + Basil




Mediterranean aubergine concentrate



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