HELIKO’S : snail slime that sublimates your skin

Do you know the benefits of snail slime ?


Snail slime has been used for centuries to relieve skin problems thanks to its healing and regenerative power. Research has shown a complex composition of actives substances such as allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid, lactic acid, anti-protease, vitamins and minerals. 
Thanks to these properties, the snail has the ability to regenerate its shell when it is broken.

The snail slime is collected manually according strict hygiene rules and without any form of stress or damages for the animal. After harvest, the snails are brought back to the breeding in the open field where they have enough space to live and mate.

Heliko’s is particulary adapted to cosmetics (creams with antioxidant action, creams against skin photo-aging, anti-aging creams, creams for the regeneration of skin tissues with scars, wrinkles, stretch marks).


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