Business Continuity Plan

Dear customers,

In accordance with French national guidelines and to protect our employees, Pharmanager Ingredients has implemented a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) covering all of the positions necessary for its proper functioning.

Since March 16th, in order to reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of the virus Covid19, we have adapted our organization to continue our activities in the most efficient way possible, in particular by setting up telework for a majority of the team.

Your usual contacts are always available ( mainly by email) and we guarantee the continuity of the following functions / activities:

  • Purchasing / LogisticDepartment: The preparation, dispatch and monitoring of your orders are carried out several times a week by a small team on our storage site, allowing us to send your products as soon as possible. We are in regular contact with our partners in order to best anticipate the effects of the situation on deliveries and productions. We will try to keep the deadlines as short as possible. However, we are dependent on the rates and availability of our carriers, which could create possible delivery delays. Thank you for your understanding.

Regarding deliveries, if the entity in which you work has decided to no longer receive goods, please inform us so that your products are not blocked on a logistics platform.

  • Sales department: Home working teams. We follow up on your requests and orders. Do not hesitate to contact the sales manager / sales coordinator in charge of your business following . Let’s keep in touch!


  • Quality department: Home working teams and occasional trips. We follow up on your quality requests as well as the quality control of our materials in connection with our laboratories partners. The safety of our products is our priority.


  • Accounting department: Home working teams.

We also inform you that Pharmanager Ingredients has implemented:

✓Reinforcement of hygiene measures, rigorous application of barrier gestures and principles of social distancing

✓An instruction plan for employees in case of symptoms of the disease

✓An instruction plan for carriers coming to the site

The life and health of everyone is currently our greatest concern.

We thank you for your loyalty and your trust.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your service.

François Baranger, CEO