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For over 16 years now… Pharmanager Ingredients is committed to working with you in order to offer a range of functional ingredients intended for health professionals,  human nutrition and animal feed.

We offer a wide range of well documented top quality ingredients (whole cut plants, powders, plant extracts, bee products, marine products, premium) but our aim goes much further. We provide you with technical support, content and documentation you may need through our R&D and Regulatory Department. This is part of our DNA since the company was founded in 2004.

Our daily concern is to provide you with functional ingredients meeting with your quality requirements and your innovation projects for more safety.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals remains at your disposal to accompagny you and meet quickly and efficiently with your expectations.

“Creating with you and for you!” in a relationship of mutual trust – a true “win-win” partnership in the long term.







Extensive, proven expertise

Our business: provide you with functional ingredients that meet your quality requirements and support your innovation projects.



Quality: our prime target

  • Thorough knowledge of the industry: analysis, traceability, inspection at each stage right from selection of the raw material.
  • Strict compliance with European standards (Feed FCA certification, Organic Agriculture certification)
  • High quality functional ingredients


Full support for your projects

Technical, scientific and regulatory support at your disposal throughout the development of your projects

Technological performances

  • Use of refined, innovative processes for highly-titrated hydrosoluble extracts developed by our partner, NVH Italia
  • Facilities boasting cutting-edge technology for dried plants (bacteria removal with steam, pressure/vacuum insect removal)


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Our sectors


Food supplements




Animal nutrition


5 good reasons to choose Pharmanager Ingredients for your innovation projects



Thorough knowledge of the industry

Quality – Traceability – Security


Ingredients that are completely traceable (French “Plants” Decree – Appendix II)


Full support in your R&D projects


 A very broad portfolio of ingredients (more than 750 references)


A friendly, outgoing single contact person

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The company

Supplier of high quality functional ingredients

Our business: provide you with functional ingredients that meet your quality requirements and support your innovation projects

High quality sourcing from around the world


A few figures…



  • Pharmanager Ingredients founded
  • Beginning of the partnership with Amoros Nature and NVH Italia




  • Pharmanager Group founded
  • Set up of Pharmanager Development, a scientific and regulatory consultancy in the field of nutrition and health 



The team

A team of experts dedicated to your projects

A partner with a personal touch, guaranteeing availability, flexibility and responsiveness in order to support you in your innovation projects.



The ESFRI group

Thorough knowledge of the plant industry to help you cope with changes in the European regulations governing plant-based ingredients in food supplements.





Mastery of plant growing, quality control and processing



Sales of ingredients, technical support and quality control

Scientific and regulatory support



Mastery of plant extraction



As part of the ESFRI group, Amoros Nature, Pharmanager Group and NVH Italia combine their expertise with the aim of:

Ensuring that the plant industry guarantees traceability, quality and complete safety.

Providing scientific and regulatory support to help you bring your functional products to market